We study animal sensory systems and communication, with a focus on insect bioacoustics. Our research addresses three main questions: 1) How do insects sense, and generate sounds and vibrations?  2) What are the functions of acoustic communication? 3) How do ears and communication signals evolve?


In our neuroethology lab we use a variety of methods and techniques such as sound recording and analysis, laser vibrometry, neurophysiology, high-speed video, phylogenetics, microscopy, and behavioural genetics to form an integrated view of animal behaviour and communication. We work primarily with the insect orders Lepidoptera (moths, butterflies, caterpillars) and Coleoptera (mostly bark beetles), but have ongoing projects with earthworms, birds, and bats as well.

Professor Jayne E. Yack

Department of Biology
Nesbitt Biology Building, Room 250
Carleton University

1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
K1S 5B6

Office: 613 520-2600 ext.3887
Lab: 613 520-2600 ext.1513 or 1912 
Fax: 613 520-3539
email: jayneyack@cunet.carleton.ca

Lab news

June 26, 2020

New Publication

Congratulations to Chanchal Yadav, PhD student for her publication in PLoS ONE on Transcriptome analysis of a social caterpillar.

December 01, 2019

New Publication

Previous graduate student Chantal Taylor and Jayne published on hearing in monarch butterfly caterpillars. Congrats Chantal!

October 01, 2019

New Publication

A new publication on the evolution of Lepidoptera has been published in PNAS by Kawahara et al. with contributions by JE Yack as a co-author.

February 01, 2019

New Publication

Amanda Lindeman has published a paper on the mechanics of sound production in bark beetles in the Journal of Experimental Biology. Congrats Amanda!

August 30, 2019


Congratulations to Elham Arjomandi for winning a poster prize for her PhD work on Bark beetles at the Canadian Entomology Society meetings in Fredericton.

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Insect Sensory Systems
Butterfly Hearing

Research Interests

Bark Beetle Acoustics
Caterpillar Acoustics