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Former students

Graduate students

Carrie Sun

Do butterflies use hearing aids? Investigating the structure and function of inflated wing veins in Nymphalidae

Andras Dobai

“Can you hear me?” Investigating the acoustic communication signals and receptor organs of bark beetles

Amanda Lindeman

Acoustic communication in bark beetles with a focus on Dendroctonus species 

Christian Nathan

Complex vibratory signaling and putative receptor organs in the masked birch caterpillar, Drepana arcuata (Lepidoptera)


Mathias Kaiser

Acoustics of Mountain Pine Beetle and Lodgepole Pine


Andrew Mikhail

Hearing in butterflies: Neurophysiological characterization of afferents in Morpho peleides


Laura McMillan

Neurophysiology of hearing in butterflies

Jaclyn Scott

Evolution of vibrational signaling in Hook-tip moth caterpillars

Sen Sivalinghem

Acoustic communication in the pine engraver bark beetle (Ips pini)

Jean Paul Fournier

Neuroethology of butterfly hearing

Sarah Matheson

Vibratory spacing in larvae of the dutch elm beetle

Veronica Bura

Evolution of defensive acoustics in silk and hawk moth larvae (Bombycoidea)

Ombor Mitra

Vibration sensitivity in earthworms

Alan Fleming

Acoustic communication in bark beetles (Scolytidae)

Chantel Taylor

Near-field sound reception in Monarch caterpillars (Danaus plexipus)

Katie Lucas

Neuroethology of hearing in Nymphalidae butterflies

Shannon Mahony

Structure and function of Vogel's Organ in

the Speckled Wood Butterfly (Pararge aegeria)

Sarah Brown

Clicking caterpillars: Acoustic aposematism in Bombycoidea


Undergraduate students

Brianna Raven

Michelle Leveille

Lyn Vakulenko

Alyssa Rochefort

Udara Kandegedara

Jordan Huffman

Terry Gall

Kyle LeMay

Courtney Young

Jaime Saxl

Chelsea Stunden

Madison Vidovic

Chelsey Blackman

Asha Toner

Colleen O’Conner

Megan Goulding

Ali Moore

Rajeet Lidhar

Cynthia Prazeres

Joel Buffam

Caitlin Preston

Corey Cougle

Amen Obasohan

Caitlin Grant

Tamara Nevills

Justin Hick

Jenn Mongrain

Sharleen Gill

Sarah Bond

Nadia Kusters

Jessica King

Antoine Hnain

Atif Kukaswadia

Karla Lane

Rebecca Lynes

Amber Dugal

Tiffany Timbers

Brett Painter

Caitlin Saunders

Anne Jose

Barbara Frei

Chris MclIhinney


Other visitors

Alexis Williams

Artists Program

Mikhel Sikhand

Research Technician

Michael Forceno

Work study student

Dr. Raul Guedes

Larval Neuroethology/Acoustic Communication

Sabbatical visitor

Veronica Bura

Laboratory Technician

Animal Care

Dr. Jeff Dawson

Postdoctoral Fellow

Neuroethology of Insect Auditory Systems

Alan Fleming


Tiffany Soo

High School Co-op student 

Data analysis on vibrational communication

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